Date of Service — 

The date on which a member received medical services.

Deductible — 

An out-of-pocket expense a member must pay before the program provides any benefits for such charges. The term does not include coinsurance, copayments and non-covered charges. For example, if a member has a health plan with a $200 deductible, the member must meet that deductible before his/her health plan begins to provide benefits for the covered services and supplies.

Dependent — 

A person eligible for coverage under a benefits plan because of that person's relationship to the primary insured (e.g., a covered employee). The individual or group contract describes who is eligible for coverage as a dependent and the conditions for such coverage.

Dermatology — 

A specialty focusing on the diagnosis and treatment disorders of the skin, hair and nails.

Dermatopathology — 

A specialty that integrates clinical information with microscopic observations of biopsies of the skin.

Dialysis Providers — 

A facility that provides and coordinates dialysis treatment.

Dietitian/Nutrition — 

A specialty focusing on applying nutritional data to regulate the diet of healthy and sick individuals.

Digital Mammography — 

A specialized form of mammography that uses digital receptors and computers instead of X-ray film to help examine breast tissue for breast cancer.

Doctor & Hospital Finder — 

When a doctor or other health care professional joins one of Horizon BCBSNJ’s networks, he or she completes a provider application. We use the information from the provider application in our Doctor & Hospital Finder. We verify this information every three years. If this information changes in between our checks, it is the doctor and other health care professionals’ responsibility to report the changes to us. You may always call the doctor’s or other health care professional’s office to confirm the information in our Doctor & Hospital Finder.

Durable Medical Equipment — 

A range of products and equipment used to manage a patient’s illness. The items range from specialty beds, walkers, canes and wheelchairs to disposable supplies for diabetics. Please see Horizon Care@Home for more details.

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