Thoracic Surgery — 

A specialty focusing on operative, perioperative care and critical care of patients with pathologic conditions of the chest.

Tier 2 — 

Tier 2 for OMNIA Health Plan members refers to Horizon BCBSNJ’s broad Managed Care Network. While OMNIA Health Plan members enjoy lower deductibles, lower copayments, and lower out-of-pocket costs with OMNIA Tier 1 doctors, hospitals, and other health care professionals, including the OMNIA Health Alliance, you also have the flexibility to visit any Tier 2 health care professional in our broad Managed Care Network for a higher out-of-pocket cost.

Transitional Care Unit — 

A hospital unit which provides services to members who are not ready to be discharged home or to another facility.

Transplant Surgery — 

Transplant surgery is a treatment option for diseases or conditions that have not improved with other medical treatments and have led to organ failure or injury. Transplant surgery is generally reserved for people with end-stage disease who have no other options.

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